SMR 7700

This innovative product of the A.D.M., result of the collaboration with Americans and Germans societies leader in the fields of the banks automation and electronic recording, concentrates
in the reduced dimensions of a little checks' reader the most advanced technical characteristics; it is very efficient both for reading of the data and for the acquisition of images.

In an only operation the data of the code-line and the images come acquired automatically and completely forehead and back of the document.

The recognized codifiche follow the smore used tandards (CMC 7, CMC 0, E 13 B, OCR A, OCR B). The images' level of definition is optimal  (256 tonalities of gray to 200 dpi).
In option can be obtained also a third image of the document's forehead (opportunely filtered) that can be used with programs of optical acknowledgment of the written characters.

Through a high speed port SCSI 2 (10 MB per second) images come transferred to a PC (in DOS or Windows 3.11 / 95 / 98 / NT) where they come compressed and recorded in one of the most diffuse standard forms (JPEG, TIFF fax group 3 or fax group 4, RLE packbits or LZW). The data of the code-linens can be transmitted to the PC using a port SCSI, or using a serial port RS232C like.

The data and the images are immediately available to the management software both on the PC and directly in net, completing in real time the treatment of the document that does not any more manipulations. All this in a second.
The completely use of standards Windows and DOS guarantees the complete compatibility with the managerial software used by the credit's institution, making simpler the integration with the job atmosphere.

Technical data
Standard characters: OCR-A, OCR-B, E13-B, CMC-7, CMC-0
Recognized characters' number: 24 OCR-A, OCR-B, 15 CMC-7, CMC-0
Lace's length: 65
Document form: min.40x60 mm, max.106x240 mm
Speed of scansion: 50 cm/sec., resolution 200 dpi/100 dpi, tones of gray 256, formed TIFF/JPEG/BMP, images 2 (forehead/back), in option 3 (forehead/back and leaked forehead)
Type of paper: from 60 to 160g/cm2
Interface: RS232 C, SCSI II
Electric connection: 90-230V - 50/60Hz 60VA Dimensions: 260x100x120 mm
Weight: ca. 1,8 Kg
Options: Ink-jet

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